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Crisis Toolkit

A resource developed to aide crisis center workers in identifying and supporting autistic callers/ texters who are in crisis.  The resource has successfully been used by other professionals as well, such as first responders, mental health providers, and staff working with autistic adults in group homes.  The toolkit is helpful for anyone with an autistic person in their life.


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Considerations of Warning Signs Resource

This resource takes the warning signs of suicide for the general public and amends them for the autism community.  There are considerations to be taken into account when assessing autistic people and unique risk factors explained in detail.


This section contains the books written and/or co-authored by Lisa Morgan.  


Read the articles written for the online magazine Spectrum Women.  There are featured articles, as well as the monthly column “Life Through the Lens of Autism”.


A collection of webinars on crisis supports for the autism community.


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Various podcasts to chose from on autism crisis supports.

(Coming soon!) A podcast about autism and trauma called “Smash-Up” hosted by Lisa Morgan and Mary Donahue, co-authors of “Living with PTSD on the Autism Spectrum – Insightful Analysis with Practical Applications”.

AASET Engagement Guide

A resource for researchers and others to help understand and implement respectful collaboration with the autistic adult(s) working with them.