Autism Crisis Support by a Board-Certified Autism Specialist

New Autism-Specific Resource: 

Warning Signs of Suicide in Autistic People

An autism-specific resource based on research findings and expert consensus. 

Understanding autism and the culture of autistic people, so autistic people do not have to mask / camouflage their autism is suicide prevention.” ~ Lisa Morgan 2021


LISA MORGAN CONSULTING LLC provides individualized workshops for professionals (psychologists, therapists, social workers, schools, group home staff, and first-responders) on crisis supports and life coaching for autistic people from a board-certified autism specialist.

“Lisa is an amazing educator. I think that it’s really important that we learn from people who share the identities that we are supporting and I’m really thankful for her insight.”

“This was such great training with so much to learn. Even though I work with families that have children with autism almost all the time on my job, I felt that the firsthand information offered in this training was extremely helpful in understanding how individuals with ASD react to different situations. I hope this training is offered to all people in social services.”

“Excellent training; speaker shared her own experiences with autism; gave me some concrete tools I can use on my job.”

“This training has been a necessary training for us in crisis (services). Thank you!


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One-on-one coaching consultations with autistic people.

Current Workshops

Crisis Supports for Autistic People – (1 – 3 hours)

A workshop covering how to communicate with and support autistic people in crisis. Practical applications, newest research, and a one-page pull-out section for immediate information.

Considerations of Warning Signs for Autistic People – (1 – 2 hours)

A workshop discussing considerations to take when assessing autistic people for suicide when using the warning signs for the general public. Each warning sign for the general public is reviewed with the unique aspects of autism in mind. Considerations are explained and further investigation is encouraged.

Social Pragmatics and Suicide for Autistic Youth – (2 hours)

A workshop on teaching social pragmatics to autistic youth taking into consideration the risks of suicide and being culturally competent. Discover why teaching social pragmatics has risks for autistic youth and how to minimize those risks.

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Lisa Morgan, M.Ed., CAS, a trauma-informed board-certified autism specialist, subject matter expert in autism, communication, cultural competence, crisis supports, and suicide prevention/postvention for the autism community


Online training for first-responders, clinicians, crisis center workers, staff, and any professional working with autistic people in how best to communicate, support, and care for autistic people.


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